Are You A


 That Is Tired Of The Stress And Pressure It Takes To Get To The Next Level?

What if there was a


so you could take your business to the next level with peace, ease, abundance, and freedom?

Why Wait? It's Time To Stop Struggling In Your Business.


  • Lack of clarity on the strategies that will take your business to the next level?
  • Pausing and Procrastinating because you need clarification on what will work to help your business succeed?
  • The challenging emotions you don't want to face and keeping you stuck?
  • ​Staying in your comfort and familiar zone?
  • Low confidence and self-trust?
  • Inability to confidently show up authentically online?
  • Struggling to tap into your true power and potential?
  • ​Lacking in your marketing and sales skills?
  • Procrastinating and not holding yourself accountable?
What if there was a world where you had the support you needed?

Where you could trust the information you received to be the exact information to help your business thrive?

What if you didn’t have to pay a coach or join a group but had access to the information and support anytime, day or night?
Seems too good to be true, right? Well, it is true.

You already have the support, the information, and the clues to your custom version of success deep within you.

It’s simply a matter of knowing what to look for and trusting the promptings, guidance, and direction you receive.
So how do you know what to look for and trust the answers? By getting an intuitive strengths business blueprint.
Did you know that there are at least 60 different ways that intuition expresses itself?

That’s 60 different ways you can access your intuition and receive clarity, guidance, and support — without needing to go outside yourself for answers.

Intuition is like your fingerprint. Completely custom to you and a lot more broad, unique, and vast than just the five senses we’ve come to think are the only forms of intuitive communication.

For each category of your business, you have access to a different intuitive strength to help you:

  • Understand what business strategies will work for you vs. the conventional wisdom that keeps bringing you to dead ends.
  • Instinctively know what marketing strategies will work for you and help you communicate in the best ways possible.
  • Truly calibrate to wealth and make big money jumps in your business without pushing, pulling, and grinding to make it happen.
  • ​Receive inspiration on the next steps in your business.
  • ​Align to and show up as your most authentic self.


  • Knowing exactly how to tap into your creativity when you feel stuck.
  • Feeling confident and full of self-trust.
  • Knowing when to lean in and take action.
  • ​Making more money by simply engaging in one of your core intuitive strengths.
  • ​Trusting that you’re perfectly equipped to succeed in your business, marketing, and life.

There’s a different and guided world waiting for you to step in and ask for help. Your intuition wants to support you in the ways that truly will work for you.
Start the conversation and know your intuitive strengths by getting an intuitive strengths business blueprint today.


  • Knowing exactly how to tap into your creativity when you feel stuck.
  • Feeling confident and full of self-trust.
  • Knowing when to lean in and take action.
  • ​Making more money by simply engaging in one of your core intuitive strengths.
  • ​Trusting that you’re perfectly equipped to succeed in your business, marketing, and life.

“Stop waiting for permission, for the ideal time, for the perfect strategy. 
The time to live your best life and love your business is NOW. 
You can create it, all it takes is confidence.”

— Taylor Proctor

What does getting your Intuitive Business Strengths Blueprint look like? 

Knowing You’re Ready For Your Next Level

The Intuitive Business Strengths Blueprint is the key to unlocking the next levels for your business and loving the unique way you do things.
The blueprint shows you your unique strengths and aligns you with a one-of-a-kind blueprint to being more successful, happier and at peace in your life. 

If you’re ready for your next level, then be sure to give me permission  to connect with your guides, higher power, and highest self to discover your intuitive business strengths. 

Trust The Process

The process of discovering your Intuitive Business Strengths is just as unique as the strengths themselves. 

After receiving your permission to connect with your spiritual support team and higher power, I am able to ask which of the 60+ intuitive strengths are unique to you. 

We then identify, test, and gauge your strengths to confirm how they work for you within the five key areas of your business: 
  • being your most authentic self
  • wealth calibration
  • creativity and communication
  • ​business strategy
  • ​inspirational alignment

Receive Your Unique One-Of-A-Kind Personal Blueprint
(40+ pages)

This intuitive process and creating your completely custom blueprint can take up to 14-days to ensure an accurate, thorough, and informative identification of your gifts.

The blueprint is 100% yours and unlike any other blueprint in the world.

It will show you your top intuitive strengths in the 5 key business areas as well as outline the intensity of the strengths, the percentage you currently use them, how to expand them, and where to use them in your business to make the most authentic and successful impact.


Sitting down to do a task in your business that feels hard, challenging, and unfamiliar.

Sit in those emotions for a second. What do you do?

Reach for your phone to distract yourself from what needs to be done?

Start thinking about all the other things that need to be done to the point that you feel overwhelmed and don’t do the original task, let alone anything else on your list?

Maybe you tell yourself that you’re just going to grab a quick bite of lunch first, and then you never come back to the project?

I’ve been there. What it all boiled down to was that I didn’t trust that I could do hard, challenging, and unfamiliar things, so I distracted and procrastinated myself right out of doing them.

Which, in turn, felt like I stalled my business and left me wondering why things weren’t succeeding and if I was able to take my business to the next level after all.

Now imagine sitting down to do that same task, and instead of feeling the need to escape, you close your eyes, ask for help from your intuition, and then you’re able to conquer the task in half the time and without any of the stress, distraction, or shame.

That is 100% possible for you. All it takes is knowing your intuitive strength for that task and how to access it so you can get into the flow and make things happen.

An intuitive strengths business blueprint is the permission and the key to unlocking the divine intuition already inside of you and using it to create a business and life beyond what you could ever imagine.

A life and business that isn’t idling by or merely struggling to survive but one that is thriving with ease, grace, and an overflow of abundance!

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, how could one blueprint do all that for me?

Well, you don’t have to take my word for it — just ask the business owners like you who’ve received their blueprints and have shared how it changed their lives and businesses for the better:

See How An Intuitive Strengths Business Blueprint Has Changed Stephanie's and Lawnna's Business By:

  • Diving Deep Into Their Strengths.
  • How They Use Them In Their business's.
  • How They Develop Their Strengths.
  • ​How To Best Utilize And Improve Their Strengths.
  • ​How To Use It As A Roadmap In Their Business.

Meet Taylor? 

I am an intuitive entrepreneur with a love of business and content marketing. 

After 12+ years as a corporate marketer and working all the way up to the executive leadership level, I still struggled to feel at peace with my decisions, with how I did things differently than others, with my relationship with money, etc. 

But then, through using my own intuitive strengths, I doubled my income and business significantly in just one year. 

I launched and still run a successful 6-week content program that I adore and that helps clients that I love to work with. 

My relationship with money, with my business, time, and even with my spouse have gotten better. 

Knowing and using my intuitive strengths made all the difference in my confidence, my business, and the happiness in my life. 

And I want you to experience the same — to release the shame, the doubt, the uncertainty and step into your truest and best self in every area of your life, including your business. 

Knowing, accepting, and understanding your intuitive business strengths is the secret for a business and life that you love.

Here's what you get by signing up today:

You will receive the base 5 intuitive strength strategies that will jump start your business and life, which includes:

  • Being your most authentic self
  • Wealth calibration
  • Inspirational alignment
  • ​Creativity and Communication
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